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Vaidya Manager
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Plan your day, check today's patient list, reminders and notifications with medicine stock alerts.

Our system supports Multi language, so you can now use it in languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.

Maintain schedule of your Panchakarma and Therapies.

Our alert system keeps you and your patients up to date and helps you automate follow-up of patients.

With the help of our Inventory system keep a track of your clinic medicine stock and payments.

Our analytic charts makes you aware about your practice with intelligent data which helps you grow your practice.

Reduce the need of an accountant, get profit and loss of your clinic with one click.

Make it easier for your patients to follow your diet related guidlines, provide them an email or printed customized diet plans.

Provide readable and systematic prescription in printed format.

Create sperate account for staff with access management, so you can focus on your practise and they can manage the data for you.

No need to be on a computer/laptop for everything. Our mobile app is always in sync with our software.

Interconnect all your departments.

Save food cost by reducing waste, empower your chef with accurate information directly from prescriptions.

Auto schedule all therapies with push of a button based on room and therapist availablity.

Centralize billing from check-in to check-out.

Room availability and booking management made easy.

Generate department wise OPD reports.

Get all required reports by AYUSH making compliance easier than ever.

Get medicine alerts and inventory management with our system.

Generate discharge summary and reports for IPD patients easily.

Prescription management system with more than 50000 medicines, symptions, diagnostics pre-filled.

Create new prescription by drag and drop from previous prescription.

Generate discharge summary and reports for IPD patients easily.

Manage Store inventory with easy.

Schedule Therapy and Panchakarma with ease.

Prescribe diet for each patient based on treatment.

Manage Store inventory requests with approval mechanism.

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Why Vaidya Manager

A digital solution designed by Ayurveda Doctor for Ayurveda industry.

Carry your patient data

Thanks to our online application, you can view your patient data in your mobile device instantly.

Approach thousand patients with one click

Deliver your message to all your patients with a click of a button. No more wasting time calling them individually.

Keep in touch with patients

Easily inform your patients about new products, services and holidays with our system.

View your clinic performance

Get a clear picture of your profit and loss, that is updated instantly.

Manage Skin Patient images and report

Store skin patient images, reports by uploading from your mobile. Compare before and after treatment.

Monitor daily diet

With Vaidya Manager, you can prescribe and monitor daily diet of your patients.

No more guess work

Get a proper list of patients that are expected to visit your clinic for follow ups and be on top of the ones that miss.

Maintain Patient History

With our cloud based system maintain patient data for many years.

Multiple branch data in one place

Access your multi branch patient data in single secure place and make it available from anywhere.

Analyze before and after treatment

With all vital data available at your finger tips, monitor before and after treatment conditions to take informed decision.

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Ayurvedic Clinic / Hospital

Bart Therapeutics

Malta, Europe


Doha, Qatar

Shraddha Ayurved Clinic

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Niramay Ayurved Center

Baroda, Gujarat

Ojus Ayurved

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Sattva Ayurved

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


lakh+ registered patients


crore+ EMR generated


doctors+ use our platform daily


years+ experience in industry


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